After Sinus Lift Sunnyvale

Occasionally, when an upper tooth is extracted, there can be an opening between the sinus and the mouth. This is because the sinus and the tooth roots are so close together that when the tooth is extracted, an opening remains in the sinus. This is what happened in your case. Following these instructions will enhance the healing of the extraction site. Occasionally, a second surgical procedure is necessary if the healing is not complete. Therefore, it is most important to read and follow these instructions.

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  1. Take your prescriptions (antibiotics and/or decongestants) as directed.
  2. Refrain from blowing your nose for two weeks.
  3. Try not to sneeze. If you must sneeze, do so with your mouth open.
  4. Avoid doing anything that causes suction or pressure in your moth. This includes spitting, smoking cigarettes or a pipe, and drinking through a straw.
  5. Eat soft foods for several days; chewing on the opposite side as much as possible.
  6. Do not rinse the mouth vigorously for several weeks.

It is common to experience a slight amount of bleeding from the nose for a number of days.

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